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April 5, 2018

It’s summertime, finally!  Sounds like a good excuse for a party.   There are plenty of items available to spice up that summer shindig you have been wanting to throw.  We have mentioned the outdoor movie idea before, but you are looking for something a little more festive.  We can start with a karaoke machine…what your guest won’t get up and sing!  New idea, lets start with a margarita machine.  I guess a better term would be frozen beverage machine, you don”t have to make alcohol infused margaritas, in fact we would not recommend adding alcohol to the machine for a couple of reasons. First is, alcohol does not freeze real well so it takes the machine forever and a day to get to that frozen slushy state we all love so much, and second if there are any kiddos around they are going want a taste of there own.  A better idea is to actually keep the alcohol nearby, when a “margarita” is dispensed simply pour in a shot of alcohol before dispensing any slush into the cup., it will mix as it is poured in.  Simple and tasty!  Ready to sing yet?  Not quite, well a little dancing is always good but bringing out your kids ipod full of Justin Bieber’s latest probably isn’t going to be a big hit.   I guess we did forget one thing…unless we are going to drag your surround sound system from underneath the tv and drag it outside (this is an outside party if I forgot to tell you) we are going to need a sound system.  Easy, a Liberty sound system gets you 2 speakers, 2 stands an a microphone (2 turntables not included).  Now we have a party…but now your guest are getting hungry.  How are you going to feed 50 of your closest friends, plus some weird guy and his dog that just showed up.  Think BBQ….think BIG BBQ.  A 48″ propane BBQ should do the trick, you can throw enough burgers and dogs on to feed your hungry crew.  Too many burgers over the 4th…I understand.  Lets do something a little different and make this party one to remember.  Lets roast a pig! For this you have to plan ahead a bit, but it will be worth it!  A 5′ charcoal BBQ and a rotisserie that can handle a 100 lb pig, now that sounds more like it! (How to cook a pig)  Sounds like its going to be a great party, just let me know when and where!  Have fun and stay safe this summer!

PS….if it looks like rain check these out!

Aurora Rents
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Just remember Aurora Rents for all your party needs!

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