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Grass, Brush, Weeds, and Blackberries Oh My!

May 17, 2018

FlailSometimes things can get a little out of hand in the back yard, maybe the front.  We don’t judge.  When the lawn gets so long you lose the lawnmower it might be time to take drastic action.  High grass mowers are a good place to start but not your only option.  When it comes to large areas we would suggest a rough terrain field mower or a tractor with a mower deck.  These come in handy when its an overgrown field of grass or low blackberries.   If its a smaller area with same problem a tracked flail mower will handle uneven terrain and get in those hard to reach areas.  When things get overhead its time to break out the big guns.  A tracked loader with mower attachment can bring those berries down to size.  These are all larger items that can be difficult to transport but they can always be delivered if needed. If those items were just too big a more surgical approach would be to strap on a brush cutter or even an articulating hedge trimmer to knock things down to size.   There are many ways to attack a project, but with the right assistance you can get the right tool to make that project a little easier.  Stop by one of our locations and find out for yourself how easy it is to get things done.

Aurora Rents
Shoreline   –  206.368.7368
Greenlake  –  206.729.7368
Lake City   –  206.362.7368

Aurora Rents is here to help you get that project completed!

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