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Get outside…for a movie?

June 14, 2018

It is almost time to emerge from our houses and look for the great ball of fire in the sky.  As we enter into the outdoors to do more than scrape windows and put out the trash, we start thinking about stuff to do.  One of the more popular activities from last year has been our Outdoor Movie Kit.  I know, not a big stretch from watching movies inside, but at least this way you can invite a few more people and not have to clean the house!   Whether its a birthday party, kids overnight or just an excuse to meet the neighbors again, nothing is more impressive than a 12′ Movie Screen set up in the yard.  Of course you need a projector to display the movie, our projector has a built in dvd player.  You can also hook up a computer or even a game system (Think Xbox or Wii on a really big screen) The projector also has a built in sound system for use with small groups but if you really want to blast the sound, we can set you up with a sound system, but you may want to clear it with the neighbors first…it can get loud!   So now we have a 12′ Screen, a sound system a great dvd ready to go….only missing one thing.  Don’t worry though, we can help out with that too.  Popcorn Machine.

For other great ideas check out these items.

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