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Paint That House

June 5, 2019

Repainting the house is not exactly the project that most people look forward to, but hey who am I to judge.  There are many different approaches to this project and the amount of time you spend painting really depends on your canvas (house siding)  You can go with a simple wash and paint, you may have an older house with 6 layers of wash and paint already applied and elect to strip it, or you may have a combination of both!

The first step most take is to clean the house and see what they have to work with, so to start a pressure washer works perfect.  2500 psi is definitely are most popular unit as a good all around washer.  The pressure washer is going to wash any dirt, grime or moss that has been clinging to your siding for the last few years.  It will also loosen up or even remove some paint.  A pressure washer will NOT strip all the paint off your house and it is not designed to. Some feel that if the paint stays on after a good pressure washing then painting over that should not be a problem, whats left should stay on well enough.

If things are looking a little worse than expected and stripping off some of that old peeing paint is needed, there’s  a tool for that.  Enter siding sanders and paint shavers.  These tools will sand the paint off the siding with either carbide teeth or very aggressive sandpaper, but are packaged an a siding friendly setup that makes them easy to use.  Add a HEPA vacuum and you have environmentally friendly way to a better looking house!

Then the fun part, painting!  A couple of different approaches here, you can brush and roller the hole thing which is going to cut down on prep work.  You won’t have to cover all the windows, doors and surrounding areas with tarps or paper.  However, if you would rather be out doing something way more fun, you may want to speed up the process with a paint sprayer.  Id doesn’t make a big of mess as you might think, and covering a few windows or doors really isn’t that hard.   The plus side is it goes fast!  Which is way better for people that don’t want to hang around the house all summer but still want the best looking house on the block.

See how easy it is!  If it turns out you need to get up in the world there is everything available from short step ladders, long extension ladders or even powered lifts.

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Don’t procrastinate!

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