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Go Dig a Ditch!

August 1, 2019

It’s not often we get someone in the store that is really excited to start digging a ditch.  It’s not exactly the most fun you can have on a Saturday afternoon.  We can make that job a little easier with some equipment that is up to the task.  Anyone who has spent anytime on the business end of a shovel can tell you that the pacific northwest isn’t the best place to dig a hole or a trench for that matter.  We have the rocky soil, the glacial till, the hard pan, the clay…you get the picture.  Its hard digging.  That’s why we have equipment, to make the job easier.

There are a few pieces of equipment to dig a trench with, but you need to match the equipment to the job.   To dig a small trench that isn’t too deep you would want to look at a mini trencher.  This would be for jobs like sprinkler systems, low-voltage wiring, invisible fences things like that.  The mini trencher can also get in small areas where the large ones cannot.  The mini trencher digs a trench 4″ wide and up to 18″ deep, but works best at 12″.   This isn’t deep enough for most water lines or electrical runs so we move up a size to our tracked trencher.  This trencher can dig up to 30″ deep and 4″ wide.  The tracks allow great traction in soft areas and also allow you to cross over the top of your trenches after they have been dug.  Sometimes while trenching you forget to have an escape plan and the ability to cross over trenches is priceless (For you old school video gamers thing Tron light cycles!).  For a little more width and depth the next up comes in the form of an attachment for our walk behind loaders (Dingo).  With this setup you can trench up to 36″ deep and 6″ wide!

Then there are the jobs where a 4″ or even a 6″ trench just isn’t enough.  To start with, the answer is NO!  Now for the question…. I want an 8″ or 12″ trench, can I just run over the area 2 or 3 times with a 4″ trencher?  The reason you cannot has to do with the design of the trencher.  The digging chain runs down the center and if you tried to offset the “second” trench your wheels or tracks would be inside the trench.  So it doesn’t exactly work real well.  If you need to trench for a French drain, plumbing or a foundation…you will need an excavator.  We offer them in many sizes depending on the size of your job.

Now with the right equipment your trench task won’t be so daunting.  The last few things to remember are to always call before you dig and first check with local codes on depth of water lines and separation distances for water, electrical and gas.  We love your business, but would hate to see you dig up what is already in the ground.  When you are ready to start your job, give us a call we can help you decide on the right equipment for you.

Aurora Rents  206-659-7368
Shoreline – Greenlake – Lake City

Just remember Aurora Rents for all your lawn & garden projects!

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