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Cold Weather and Apple Cider

October 10, 2019

The leaves have fallen, it’s slowly moving into winter.  Some nice hot apple cider sounds good on a rainy Seattle weekend.   A fun event that can get the kids involved is to press your own cider.  With our cider press and a little elbow grease you can have a great  time creating a few memories while making your own delicious cider.  Don’t worry about taking the time to cut up the apples, try the apple hacker to make short work of it!  (You will be working hard enough cranking on the press)  Have some people over and set up under a canopy or keep them warm with one of our patio heaters.  Give us call to set up your reservation today!

Aurora Rents
Shoreline   –  206.368.7368
Greenlake  –  206.729.7368
Lake City   –  206.362.7368

Just remember Aurora Rents for all your backyard party needs!

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