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Factors to Consider When Renting Drain and Sewer Equipment*

November 1, 2019

Rental drain and sewer cleaning equipment offers different features. Becoming familiar with available options will help you rent the equipment that best suits your needs.  Type of drain cleaner. The type of drain and sewer cleaning equipment that you should rent depends on the size and location of the clogged drain.
Source of power. Rental drain and sewer cleaning equipment comes in manual, electric or gas powered units. Manual units work best for small clogs or for the inexperienced operator. Electric drain-cleaning equipment is faster and more powerful than hand-operated tools. Finally, gas-powered units provide a solution for cleaning tough, drains clogs where there is no available electrical source.
Length of cable. Bigger drain or sewer lines require more cable for cleaning it than smaller drain lines need. You will only need three to six feet of cable to clear a clogged toilet, but may need up to 200 feet to clean a main sewer line blocked by tree roots.
Safety features. Since rental equipment to clean drains requires use around water, you should look for electrical-safety features on electrical units. Electric drain and sewer cleaning equipment equipped with a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) helps to prevent electrocutions, as well as electric shocks and burns, by shutting the equipment down when it detects electrical current leakage. In addition, a slip-clutch feature stops a cable from rotating so much that it whips around, possibly injuring the operator.
Covered cage. Some drain cleaners allow you to use disposable covers with them to prevent spraying your floors with wastewater during the drain-cleaning process.
Transportability. You can transport lighter drain-cleaning units that have fold-down handles easier than some more heavy-duty models.
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* Article courtesy of the American Rental Association

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