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Cool Floor…Thanks It’s Polished Concrete

December 10, 2019

We are are getting quite a few inquiries lately on polishing concrete. It seems that  many new businesses are adopting this easily maintained flooring system, you can see examples at your local hardware store, coffee shops etc. .  The attached picture is actually polished concrete not a lake, just an example of what you can accomplish with a lot of patience and plenty of time.  The first question we always seem to can I do this.  The act of polishing a concrete floor is actually quite easy, it just takes a lot of time.  The next question is obviously,how long does it take?  That’s actually a tough question to answer, it really depends on the condition of the concrete to begin with and how many square feet you are attempting to do.  We find that our small machine will completely polish about 400 square feet per day while our larger machine will get you 500 square feet.  Our new largest machine is 30″ and runs on propane.  This machine is powered by propane and doesn’t need the 220v connections the others require and can handle jobs over 1000 square feet.  This is assuming the concrete is fairly good condition to start with.   We carry the Lavina line of concrete polishers  from SuperAbrasives

Check out these How-to Videos for more information from SuperAbrasives.

Pricing and more info from Aurora Rents:

Aurora Rents
Shoreline   –  206.368.7368
Greenlake  –  206.729.7368
Lake City   –  206.362.7368

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