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About Us

Aurora Rents is a fully stocked tool and equipment rental company in the Seattle Area with a dedication to finely maintained equipment and information for all your construction or home project needs.

Locally Owned and Operated
Aurora Rents has been in operation on the corner of 175th and Aurora Ave. since 1962. Since that time Aurora Rents has seen many changes, such as adding locations in the communities of Lake City and Greenlake. Aurora Rents helped pioneer the concept of rental in the Northwest with its unmatched service and impressive variety of equipment. We’ve been here throughout the years and will continue to grow and serve the communities that call the Northwest home.  Due to the expansion of Aurora Ave, we have moved north to 192nd and Aurora while we renovate our facility.

Knowlegeable Staff
Whether you just want to mow your yard, refinish your floors or stack wood for the winter – the staff at Aurora Rents will be happy to help you with the right equipment and the right level of safety! In a business where new challenges and opportunities arise daily, our knowledgeable staff consistently rises to the occasion.

Aurora Rents
Shoreline –  206.368.7368
Greenlake –  206.729.7368
Lake City –  206.362.7368

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